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"My dog is great, until..."

Have you ever wondered what it truly means to have a trained dog? Is it simply a dog that can perform basic tricks on command? The answer is far from that simple.

A trained dog is a well-behaved companion that doesn't cause stress or anxiety for its owner, follows commands with ease, desires to please, and brings joy to daily life. Many believe they have a trained dog when in reality, they have only scratched the surface.

Excuses are often made for the dog's misbehaviour in certain situations, such as "my dog is great at recall, unless there's another dog around" (How good is my dog). But a truly trained dog is consistent in its obedience, no matter the distractions. Owning a well-trained dog is an absolute joy. A dog that is obedient and well-behaved can make life much easier for both the dog owner and the dog itself. Here are some reasons why a well-trained dog is a joy to live with:

  • No stress or anxiety - A well-trained dog doesn't cause stress or anxiety for its owner. You don't have to worry about your dog misbehaving or causing damage in your home or in public places. Puppy Training and Behaviour and obedience training can help prevent these issues from arising.
  • Easy to give commands - A well-trained dog will follow your commands with ease. This makes it much easier to keep your dog safe in potentially dangerous situations, such as crossing a busy street or staying still during a vet check-up.
  • Desires to please - Dogs are social animals and love to please their owners. A well-trained dog will want to obey and make you happy. With the right training approach, such as avoiding treat training, you can build a strong bond with your dog.
  • Brings joy to daily life - A trained dog can bring so much joy to your daily life. You can take your dog on adventures, such as hiking or swimming, and have peace of mind that your dog will be well-behaved and easy to manage. Make sure you have the right dog toys for your dog to enjoy.
  • Consistent obedience - A truly trained dog is consistent in its obedience, no matter the distractions. This means that your dog will obey your commands even in the presence of other dogs, people, or exciting environments.
  • Improved communication - Training your dog can improve communication between you and your furry friend. You'll learn how to read your dog's body language and understand its needs, making for a stronger bond between you both.
  • Safer for everyone - A well-trained dog is safer for everyone, including other animals and people. A dog that is trained not to jump up or bark excessively is much less likely to cause harm to anyone.

In conclusion, a well-trained dog is a joy to live with. It brings peace of mind, joy, and improved communication to daily life. If you're struggling with training your dog, book a Dog Training Assessment or get in touch with The Dog Training Company and discover what it truly means to have a trained dog with our unique training system. 

We offer Home Visit Training and Residential Training to cater to your individual needs and preferences. Our training methods are designed to help you and your dog build a strong bond and achieve the desired results.

Before starting any training, it is crucial to select the right puppy from a litter (Selecting the right puppy) and ensure you are dealing with a reputable breeder (How to find a good dog breeder). This will help lay a solid foundation for your dog's training and future behaviour.

In addition to our one-on-one training sessions, we also provide resources and guidance on various aspects of dog ownership, such as the pros and cons of Puppy Classes and parties and understanding the cost of dog training, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your dog's care and training.

Investing time and effort into your dog's training can make a world of difference in your relationship with your furry friend. By working with a professional team like The Dog Training Company, you can rest assured that you'll receive the support, guidance, and expertise needed to transform your dog into a well-behaved, obedient companion who brings joy to your everyday life.

In summary, a well-trained dog can significantly enhance the bond between you and your pet, creating a stress-free, harmonious living environment. By choosing the right training methods and seeking professional assistance when necessary, you can experience the true joy of living with a well-trained dog. So, don't wait any longer – start your journey towards a happier, more fulfilling life with your furry friend today!


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