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The Dog Training Company

Puppyhood Training Package - The Dog Training Company

Puppyhood Training Package - The Dog Training Company

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The puppyhood package focuses on the key development stage of 8 weeks to 6 Months.

This stage would be considered the key raising stage. We will teach you the essential elements required to give your puppy the absolute best start in life and avoid any mistakes that lead to behavioural issues in the future. This course focuses on the raising and nurturing that important to your future relationship and bond with your puppy.

Our full Puppy-to-Adult Training is designed to take you and your puppy through every vital stage of their early growth, up to the point of adulthood and help guide you through each stage to ensure you achieve the goals and behaviours that you desire. This package has 3 Stages, Puppyhood, Adolescence and Young Adult, with each stage focussing on the development of your dog at that time. 

What You Need To Bring

We recommend that everyone starts training with a 2 Metre lead and a normal flat collar.

Information of Sessions

Each session at the Centre will last one hour.

An initial home visit on the silver and gold packages last up to 2 hours.

A puppy social day is a drop off and collect service so you can take advantage of this whilst you're at work.

What We're Looking To Achieve

In the puppyhood training stage, we are looking to set some solid foundations that will carry forward with your puppy throughout their life.

You can think of this stage as the moral code that your dog is going learn and live by forever.

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