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Distance Pre-Training Consultation

Distance Pre-Training Consultation

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Our Distance Pre-Training Consultation offers the perfect starting point for dog owners outside of Yorkshire. Through an in-depth online assessment, a tailored program is created to strengthen the relationship and behaviour of your pup. Expect a full history review, practical exercises, and goal setting for a comprehensive foundation. With our expertise, you can help your dog develop the skills to communicate and succeed in any situation.

What You Need For The Assessment

We like to assess you and your dog on the equipment you normally walk them on. In some instances we may ask you to remove a training aid that is masking a behaviour, this could be a head collar or a particular type of training lead.

How Long It Takes

Our questionnaire assessment takes no longer than one hour. During this time you will be asked a series of questions that will give us a comprehensive history of your dog. We will then ask you to carry out some practical elements which you will film for us and upload to be reviewed.

What We're Looking For

We will dig deep into the history of the time you have spent with your dog to find out exactly where your current relationship is and where any possible problem behaviours stem from. When we are able to find the root cause of any issues, we are able to address the real issue and provide a long lasting resolution to the problems.

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    If you have any questions about how our training works, where your nearest training centre is or if you'd simply like to book your assessment in order to begin your training journey with us, our expert admin team are on hand and will help you decide the best route of training for you and your dog. Contact us via email anytime or call during office hours (Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00).

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