TDTC Standards for Behaviour and Training Practitioners

Despite lobbying by leading organisations within the industry the practice of dog training and behaviour remains an unregulated industry. At this point the UK government’s view remains that the industry is better served by self-regulation than the government imposing a strict regulatory regime.

This document sets out the policy of The Dog Training Company Ltd. (TDTC) regarding the Standards employed by our Behaviour and Training Instructors/Practitioners. 

All Training Instructors working directly with clients have successfully completed the YDTC 4001 level 4 accredited training course or will have an alternative Level 4 Dog Training Instructor qualification. All instructors have been assessed to ensure they meet TDTC standard for the Role of Accredited Training Instructor and must abide by TDTC Code of Practice. A copy our assessment process is available by request.

Training Instructors will hold the following accreditation plus the required Practical Experience to meet the TDTC Training Instructor Grade: 

TDTC - ATI or alternative accreditation from a recognised body such as GODT.

Training / Behaviour Practitioners working directly with clients and or the clients Veterinary Practice will hold the following Qualifications and must abide by TDTC Code of Practice. 



Msc Clinical Animal Behaviour (CAB) or equivalent qualification plus the required practical experience as assessed by TDTC.