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When you complete your training course, you automatically become a member of The Dog Training Company's Free 'Elite Paws' Membership Scheme.

Upgrade to unlock even more benefits, savings, exclusive early-bird access and more, all rolled into one convenient monthly subscription.

This exclusive monthly subscription offer is the key to unlocking a comprehensive range of invaluable benefits for both you and your cherished pet.

Access Online Training

✔ Unlimited online access to our robust library of professional training videos

✔ Hone your dog's skills and behaviour with our informative and easy-to-follow guides, curated by our top trainers

✔ Our expert trainers are on hand to provide ongoing support and advice

✔ Continue improving and maintaining your dog's behaviour and obedience

Comprehensive Dog Insurance

✔ We've got you and your beloved pet covered

✔ Ensuring the wellbeing of your best mate with a safety net you can rely on

✔ From routine check-ups to unexpected emergencies

✔ Rest easy knowing your dog's health is in safe hands

Priority access and discounts on Board & Train

✔ Beat the incredibly high demand for one of our most sought after and effective training services

✔ Exclusive early bird access to our Board & Train booking system

✔ Discount pricing to stretch the investment in your dog's training even further

Discounts on Complete Canine Nutrition

✔ Exclusive discounts

✔ Savour the superior taste and nutritional value of premium dog food brand 'McCarthy & Bear' at preferential prices

✔ Moreover, enjoy exclusive discounts on the wide range of services available from The Dog Training Company

24/7 Vet Support

✔ Complimentary online vet access through Vidivet

✔ No need to worry about the hassle of scheduling vet appointments

✔ Get expert advice and consultations from the comfort of your home

✔ Your pup's health is always just a click away

The Elite Paws Membership is not just a subscription - it's a commitment to your dog's lifelong learning, health, and happiness. Join us today and unlock the full potential of your four-legged friend. Give your dog the lifestyle they deserve - you won't regret it.

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